About ATE

Atlasco Egypt is the premier provider and sole agent for the top engineering brands in the world. Based in Cairo, our innovative technologies and smart solutions have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients in the manufacturing and medical industry. In business for over 20 years, Atlasco Egypt has built a solid reputation that advocates stability, value for money, and independence. Distributing Compressed Air Systems, Industrial Gas Generators, Industrial Fans and Blowers, and Genuine Spare Parts for Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems, these core branches are the pillars that raised the position of Atlasco Egypt to the top national provider of intelligent, economical, and ecological solutions.

Atlasco Egypt's maintenance system is the most reliable and effective program in the country. Certified in the Special Tools and Condition Restoring Systems made in the Netherlands and Sweden respectively, Atlasco Egypt can accurately diagnose and repair any machine, brand, or problem. From one industry to the next, Atlasco Egypt rapidly diversified into the medical field and began providing numerous governmental and private hospitals with the General Medical Gas Systems that have saved unnecessary expenses and, most importantly, lives.


Our Mission

To make every industry an independent entity by providing them with top-grade machinery and maintenance solutions. We strive to educate and create lifetime relationships with our clients; to connect with the world and support innovation and invention.

Our Vision

We intend to continue to provide our clients with the best engineering technologies and services in the world. We believe in integrity and honesty. We believe in creating simple solutions to complicated problems and we believe that change is measurable.