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Atlasco Egypt is one of the leaders in the Egyptian market offering quality engineering products backed up with 20 years of experience in the field and trust worthy consultation services.Urged by the responsibility and the customer’s needs, Atlasco Egypt has no other choice but the perfection and accepting the challenge not only to survive in the Egyptian market but to take the lead as well.Our playground where we play professionally kicking away any competence is the compressed air systems and gas generators as well as condition monitoring solutions.

Atlasco Egypt for trading company was established in 1990 by Eng. Nabil Soliman who was concerned with the development of the Egyptian industry and very keen to apply the latest technologies and advanced technicalities in the Egyptian market and hence the slogan of Atlasco Egypt has become: Forging the future not predicting it.

The message behind the company name Atlasco Egypt referred to the Atlas Concept providing lots of information about various places all over the world through one source and that should simulate Atlasco Egypt’s role in the Egyptian market.

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