Condition Monitoring Services

Atlasco Egypt for Trading Covers the Condition Monitoring Techniques for Rotating Equipment with all its branches and performs actions to achieve the desired goals of the Predictive Maintenance philosophy which put us in the front of Consultancy Suppliers in the Egyptian Market and Serve Egyptian Industry with the World Class Tools and Techniques as a Trained, Certified and Qualified working Team.

Atlasco Egypt for Trading offers the Condition Monitoring Services in the following branches:

1. Vibration Measurement and Analysis

We Monitor, Evaluate, Rout Cause Analysis and Make a Decision with you for any issue related to your rotating equipments by using Vibration Analysis from our ISO Certified Engineers and our High Technology Instruments – SPM Instruments AB – Sweden - and help improve your maintenance practices and increase profitability for maintenance planes without sudden stoppages using our 25 Years of Experience.

2. Lubricant Analysis

The second technique in CBM and high priority to use to elongate you machine parts life time and keep operation safe without damaging the surfaces and knowing interior conditions during operation.

3. Thermal Imaging

If your machine heats, then it needs your assistance, so you should know when and why it get heated by using Thermal Imaging Techniques to know the Heat Distribution and analyze the cause for more efficient CBM Works.

4. Acoustic Analysis

The main Ergonomically required condition and Technically it has the advantage in analyzing the machine noise for more accurate results in fault detection.

5. Electrical Analysis

If you want to save your energy and bills, you need to analyze and reconstruct you electrical machines network for more efficient power consumption, so you need and electrical analysis techniques

6. Balancing of the Rotating Machinery

There are no rotating mass could work without balancing. And we provide this service in the best form of it to suite your facility requirements

7. Laser Alignment

For precise, smooth and longer machine parts life, you need the Laser Alignment Techniques, and we can perform all the types of it to you for best operating conditions.


So, we can achieve what you’re dream to achieve from the Predictive Maintenance Philosophy.