Stiavelli Irio Srl

Stiavelli is a historic part of Tuscan small-scale industry which expanded throughout Italy as a result of market demand for our products and which has opened up to the global market.

Mr Irio Stiavelli, the founder, started his enterprise in 1946 and worked with his family to create a valuable organization, based on his values. Now his family and his collaborators continue his activity, with the same principles and respect for the tradition.

Team of people works at Stiavelli Irio’s playing an important role, with the professionalism and enthusiasm of those who have dedicated their working lives to the company.

Mr Irio Stiavelli’s illuminated vision of making business, by offering high grade products with a broad knowledge of the market, has inspired entire generations for many years.

From the beginning of his working activity, Mr Irio Stiavelli decides to devote his life to electromechanics and electrotechnics. His business idea became soon reality.

In 1946 Mr Irio Stiavelli, after joining the Craftsman’s Association of Florence District, started his business by focusing on the electromechanical sector, specialising in its current field from 1962 onwards.

The Italian economic boom of the ’60s paved the way for industrial ventilation, a sector in which Irio Stiavelli succeeded in making his company a benchmark.

Nowadays Stiavelli Irio srl is a well resected brand in the world of industrial fans and blowers and it is also one of the historic WEG Official Distributors opened up to the global market.

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